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Music for Lute Instruments
A Database by Peter Steur and Markus Lutz


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Authors and Acknowledgements

The page was started 2009 and since this time maintained by:

Peter Steur (data base of all available lute sources and concordances)
Markus Lutz (web presentation and concordances).


Thanks to the following people, who have contributed sources, concordances, incipits, ideas etc.
(in alphabetical order):

Richard Civiol, Tim Crawford, Christoph Dalitz, FranÁois-Pierre Goy, Peter Rauscher, John Robinson, Andreas Schlegel, Arto Wikla.

The incipits are transformed to svg with abctab2ps and dvisvgm. We thank the the authors Christoph Dalitz (abctab2ps) and Martin Gieseking (dvisvgm) for their support.

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