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US-NYp ms. JOG 72-29 Fasc.13
Library: New York, New York Public Library at Lincoln Center, Music Division

US-NYp13 has 21 entries

List of sources with concordances to US-NYp13
(8 pieces have 16 concordances)
Internal conc. = 8
S-SK = 8
According to the amount of concordances
Internal conc. = 8
S-SK = 8

1 Allemande (E.G.Baron)
B flat Major    -   US-NYp13 / 1v
DUET - Luth 1

Contrepartie: Conc_1967:
1. S-SK / 15v (C dur)   | 2. US-NYp13 / 5v (Bb dur)  
2 Courante (E.G.Baron)
B flat Major    -   US-NYp13 / 2v
DUET - Luth 1

Contrepartie: Conc_1968:
1. S-SK / 16v (C dur)   | 2. US-NYp13 / 6v (Bb dur)  
3 Menuet (E.G.Baron)
B flat Major    -   US-NYp13 / 3r
DUET - Luth 1

Contrepartie: Conc_1969:
1. S-SK / 17r (C dur)   | 2. US-NYp13 / 7r (Bb dur)  
4 Bourťe (E.G.Baron)
B flat Major    -   US-NYp13 / 3v
DUET - Luth 1 (segue 5v evv: Luth seconde)

Contrepartie: Conc_1970:
1. S-SK / 17v (C dur   | 2. US-NYp13 / 7v (Bb dur)  
5 Allemande (E.G.Baron)
B flat Major    -   US-NYp13 / 5v
DUET - Luth 2
1. S-SK / 15v (C dur)  

Partie: Conc_3826:
1. US-NYp13 / 1v  
6 Courante (E.G.Baron)
B flat Major    -   US-NYp13 / 6v
DUET - Luth 2
1. S-SK / 16v (C dur)  

Partie: Conc_3827:
1. US-NYp13 / 2v  
7 Menuet (E.G.Baron)
B flat Major    -   US-NYp13 / 7r
DUET - Luth 2
1. S-SK / 17r (C dur)  

Partie: Conc_3828:
1. US-NYp13 / 3r  
8 Bourťe (E.G.Baron)
B flat Major    -   US-NYp13 / 7v
DUET - Luth 2
1. S-SK / 17v (C dur  

Partie: Conc_3829:
1. US-NYp13 / 3v  
9 Concerto (E.G.Baron)
d minor    -   US-NYp13 / 9v
10 Largo (E.G.Baron)
d minor    -   US-NYp13 / 10v
11 Vivace (E.G.Baron)
d minor    -   US-NYp13 / 11r
segue 12r evv: staff notation for Violino, Basso (missing) ?
12 Concerto (E.G.Baron)
c minor    -   US-NYp13 / 15v
13 Molto Adagio (E.G.Baron)
c minor    -   US-NYp13 / 16v
14 Vivace (E.G.Baron)
c minor    -   US-NYp13 / 17v
segue 18v evv: staff notation for Oboe, Violoncello
15 Concerto. Adagio (E.G.Baron)
d minor    -   US-NYp13 / 23r
Concerto with Flauto dolce
16 Allegro (E.G.Baron)
d minor    -   US-NYp13 / 23v
17 Siciliana (E.G.Baron)
d minor    -   US-NYp13 / 24r
18 Gigue (E.G.Baron)
d minor    -   US-NYp13 / 24v
segue 25r evv: staff notation for Flauto dolce
19 Concerto [Allegro] (E.G.Baron)
G Major    -   US-NYp13 / 26v
20 Largo (E.G.Baron)
G Major    -   US-NYp13 / 27v
21 [Allegro] (E.G.Baron)
G Major    -   US-NYp13 / 27v
continued on 26r - segue 28r evv: staff notation for Flute Traverso, Violoncello

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