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John Dowland: The Third and Last Booke of Songs or Aires. Newly composed to sing to the Lute, Orpharion, or viols, and a dialogue for a base and meane Lute with five voices to sing thereto.
Date: 1603
Dowland-Songs3 has 21 entries

1 I. Farewell too faire (John Dowland)
a minor  (OT)    -   Dowland-Songs3 / B1v
2 II. Time stands still (John Dowland)
G Major  (OT)    -   Dowland-Songs3 / B2v
3 III. Behold a wonder here (John Dowland)
G Major  (OT)    -   Dowland-Songs3 / C1v
4 IIII. Daphne was not so chaste (John Dowland)
F Major  (OT)    -   Dowland-Songs3 / C2v
5 V. Me me and none but me (John Dowland)
G Major  (OT)    -   Dowland-Songs3 / D1v
6 VI. When Phoebus first did Daphne loue (John Dowland)
G Major  (OT)    -   Dowland-Songs3 / D2v
7 VII. Say loue if euer thou didst find (John Dowland)
G Major  (OT)    -   Dowland-Songs3 / E1v
8 VIII. Flow not so fast yee fountaines (John Dowland)
g minor  (OT)    -   Dowland-Songs3 / E2v
9 IX. What if I neuer speede (John Dowland)
a minor  (OT)    -   Dowland-Songs3 / F1v
10 X. Loue stood amaz'd at sweet beauties paine (John Dowland)
g minor  (OT)    -   Dowland-Songs3 / F2v

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