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William Corkine: The second Booke of Ayres, Some, to Sing and Play to the Base-Violl alone: Otheres, to be sung to the Lute and Base Violl, With new Corantoes, Pauins, Almaines, as also diuers new Descants vpon old Grounds, set to the Lyra-Violl
Corkine1612 hat 31 Stücke

1 I. Each louely grace my Lady doth possesse
 (staff)    -   Corkine1612 / a2r
2 II. Truth trying Time shall cause my Mistresse say
 (OT)    -   Corkine1612 / a2v

3 III. Two Louers sat lamenting, hard by a Christall brooke
 (staff)    -   Corkine1612 / b1r
4 IIII. T'is true, t'is day, what though it be?
 (staff)    -   Corkine1612 / b1v
5 V. Deere, though your minde stand so averse
 (OT)    -   Corkine1612 / b2r

6 VI. Shall I be with ioyes deceiued?
 (staff)    -   Corkine1612 / b2v
7 VII. Downe, downe proud minde
 (staff)    -   Corkine1612 / c1r
8 VIII. Beware faire Maides of Musky Courtiers oathes
 (staff)    -   Corkine1612 / c1v
9 IX. The Fire to see my woes for anger burneth
 (OT)    -   Corkine1612 / c2v

10 X. Goe heavy thoughts down to the place of woe
 (staff)    -   Corkine1612 / d1v

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