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Here all important changes and additions are listed.

• 2019-03-17:
Changes can now be seen under git-History. But please be patient, as this changes will not be uploaded immediately. We prefer to check them before uploading. So this can take some days!
• 2019-01-19:
Incipits now use the svg-format (vector image) and therefore look more beautiful, especially if enlargened.
• 2018-03-08:
Two new, small manuscripts for baroque lute added: Concertino (unknown origin, possibly Czech) and Fundamenta per Lieutho.
• 2018-02-10:
Both Radolt ensemble books for 1. lute and 2. and 3. lute added.
• 2018-02-04:
More than 400 manuscripts and prints are listed now. The site will be continuously updated.
• 2017-05-01:
Manuscript for Baroque lute D-RpAN62 added.
• 2017-01-01:
Many manuscripts and prints for Rennaissance lute are added (partly not yet with incipits).
• 2015-08-07:
New manuscripts copy of the Leipzig Kohaut Divertimento und Lute concertos by Kohaut added.
• 2015-08-06:
New manuscripts Egger 1766, a manuscript in private possession for mandora and lute with many ensemble pieces - the ensemble parts are missing - and US-Rm Ms. 186, a manuscript with accords nouveaux, added.
• 2015-02-21:
New manuscript Wemyss Manuskript added.
• 2015-02-14:
Livre du Luth PL-Wn396 is now online.
• 2014-10-28:
New manuskript Herrn Deckerts Geistliche Lieder (Chorals by Mr. Deckert) added.
• 2014-07-07:
Added new manuscripts S-Lu ms Wenster G34 and S-Lu ms Wenster G37.
• 2014-04-02:
Barbe-manuscript (F-PnVmb-7) is available online now.
• 2014-03-22:
Added this page "Updates".
• 2014-03-18:
Added Guestbook.
• 2014-03-12:
New manuscript Romanesca - 2 Suites for Baroque lute, D-LEm III.12.16 added.
• 2014-03-12:
New manuscript Partie in B Major by Lauffensteiner added. This manuscript stems from the Harrach library and was possessed by Robert Spencer.

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