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Music for Lute Instruments
A Database by Peter Steur and Markus Lutz


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Music for Lute Instruments
A Database of the historical
Manuscripts and Prints

More than 55000 pieces
with concordances and incipits
from about 810 manuscripts/prints

By Peter Steur, Moncalieri/Italy
and Markus Lutz, Bad Buchau/Germany

With the help of :

Magnus Andersson, Jo Bringmann, Richard Civiol, Jan Čižmář, Tim Crawford, Christoph Dalitz, Michael Dücker, Sarge Gerbode, FranÁois-Pierre Goy, Bernhard Fischer, Franco Fois, Wolfgang Hiller, Dieter Kirsch, Rainer Luckhardt, Florent Marie, Christian Meyer, Arthur Ness, Tristan von Neumann, Andrť Nieuwlaat, Pietro Prosser, Peter Rauscher, John Robinson, Greet Schamp, Andreas Schlegel, Anna Wiktoria Swoboda, Michael Treder, Arto Wikla.



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