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Music for the Baroque Lute
A Database by Peter Steur


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Music for the
Baroque Lute

A Database of
Manuscripts and Prints
for the Baroque Lute

  Ca. 20000 pieces
with concordances and incipits
from more than 230 manuscripts/prints

New!2015-08-07: New manuscripts copy of the Leipzig Kohaut Divertimento und Lute concertos by Kohaut added.    |   2015-08-06: New manuscripts Egger 1766, a manuscript in private possession for mandora and lute with many ensemble pieces - the ensemble parts are missing - and US-Rm Ms. 186, a manuscript with accords nouveaux, added.    |   2015-02-21: New manuscript Wemyss Manuskript added. New!


By Peter Steur, Moncalieri/Italy


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